South African History Retold: Did You REALLY Know Boardgame


This is a game to test your knowledge of South Africa, especially of our history as never told before. The objective of the game is to navigate the board to try and be the first one to get to FINISH.

Landing on spots:

There are 5 colour codes that correspond with the question and answer cards: Pink: Who. Blue: When. Green: Where. Purple: What. Yellow: Eish. Each time you land on a colour, the referee is required to ask you a question from a card corresponding with that space colour.

Landing on a bridge

Should a player land at the bottom of a bridge, they get to move up to the top where the bridge ends. Should they have the misfortune of landing at the top of a bridge, they are required to move down to the beginning of the bridge.

Landing on PHOLA

PHOLA is a rest stop. Should a player land on PHOLA they remain there, and they miss their next turn.

Landing on BHOZA

Should a player land on the BHOZA spot they are the boss of that round.

Reaching FINISH

The first player to reach finish wins the game and the game ends.